1339 B. C. Christ
Allready the TUT ENCH-AMUN´s grave was arranged with a licorice root (the origin of licorice).

323 B. C. Christ
The army of Alexander the Great used licorice as an energy supplier for long expeditions.

1200 – 1700 AD
In the Middle Ages the liquorice was referred for magical power and healing miracles. During the Renaissance licorice was really popular  as a “sweet medicine”. A botanical textbook describes the liquorice plant and the applications for the brew which was obtained from the roots.

1760 AD
The English chemist George Dunhill complements the diluted extract of licorice root with sugar and other ingredients. This was the birth of licorice.

2015 AD
After licorice is in many countries a solid part in a range of natural stimulants, we worldwide present this specialty with the incomparable flavor and energizing ingredients as the first energy drink ever. During the development the incomparable taste already inspired all participants of the project. In many countries licorice is very popular. Thats why we decided to create the worldwide’s first Energy Drink with natural licorice in it.